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Laser Lighting available in multiple colors including: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, Pink & White. Multiple Styles: Single, Double, Quad, Twinkling & Animation.

Laser lights are the DJ lighting of the future, create interactive laser shows, express your imagination and create a unique one of a kind environment for your customers or even your own enjoyment. A lasers potential is only limited by ones imagination.


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General Laser Information

Laser lighting is one of the biggest unexplored areas of lighting there is. Not many mobile DJs or clubs are using them to their fullest potential. There are so many different kinds out there with colors from red, green, blue, purple and even RGB combo lasers able to do any shade of any color imaginable. Now is the time to expand your lighting show with laser lights and take your show to the next level and get ahead of the competition.

When a crowd experiences a laser show it takes all there focus from anything else, it becomes just the lasers and the music, at that moment it becomes perfect. This is the whole point of any entertaining act or show, to create an experience. All it takes is an open mind, some creativity and the right equipment. Whether it’s a small scale show with some basic single lasers, or a professionally done show with massive full color high powered lasers the point is to create something different.

The smaller models you can find pretty easily and come pretty cheap at any place you can find laser lights for sale, it’s a wonder why more people don’t include them in there beginning light shows. They can go through over 100 patterns and most of the time have the option (excluding the single models) to be either controlled DMX or to go to the beat of the music. There are advantages of controlling in both ways such as the simplicity of the beat active (literally have to plug it in and change the sensitivity knob on the back appropriately) as well the precise control through the DMX (wanting to have a liquid sky effect or another effect to keep the laser show exactly how you want)

You can find a variety of colors out there from red, green, blue, purple, as well advancements in color from combinations such as cyan (green + purple), yellow (green + red) & pink (red + purple) and of course being able to create a full color spectrum using the prime colors (red, green & blue) in different variations. Color is definitely one of the biggest factors not only when it comes to lasers but in any light show, especially when all the lights in the show can change in sync. You can change the mood of the room accordingly whether to the time in the night or simply the song that is playing. Keep some dimmer coloured lights such as purple, dark blues, pinks, & reds for a slower part or build up over the night and then when the bass drops or when the night is at it’s peak be playing with your blues, whites, yellows & greens. Subconsciously every color triggers different emotions and moods and because of this you can really influence the night around it. Some colors won't be available at the basic music store that has laser lights for sale.

This is the basics in laser lighting with the two most important being color and of course quantity or type (single, dual, quad) which should be easily decided with the space you need to fill. You can also experiment with different combinations & cycles of lasers throughout. The more you get into laser lights the more you’ll love them and want to more creative, exactly what happened to me after my first laser light. Nothing can truly beat a good laser show powered by some one with an imagination.


General Laser Information – Part Two

In this selection of general laser information I wanted to specifically get more into general set-ups and color suggestions. You can find tons of laser lights for sale everywhere but where do you start on choosing.

One of the biggest rules of thumb I always tell people is you don’t want to completely overpower the room. This doesn’t mean that you should only have a few small lasers it just means that you should be strategic on the placement of the lasers. Have a few near the roof, some in the back, and just have them spread out. Location can easily make or break a show.

Another thing I did want to discuss is color. Going with the above rule of location you can also balance out and make sure things aren’t overpowered by simply switching colors. Much like the switching of different intelligent lights such as strobes, par cans, etc. You can also switch from different laser lights such as reds to purples or blues and keep everything fresh and interesting. When a show is at a high point or climax you can switch to the bright colors and when it’s at a lower point you can use the darker lasers and intelligent lighting as was stated in the previous general laser information.

There are tons of different laser lights for sale and sometimes you just have to take a look what’s available and make your own specialty laser set. One of the most successful mobile DJ’s I know as a full laser lighting set-up equipped with around 20 lasers and he’s been hired multiple times just do laser shows. People love lasers and when you can keep it fresh and interesting the whole night you can make one of the best shows easily.

A good way to improve any light show is to simply use the location as an advantage. Go a little bit earlier or the day before and check out the place and just see what ideas come to mind. When you see a place with rafters you should immediately be thinking how you can use that to your advantage sometimes with low enough ceilings it’s pretty much free truss that can be used to spread out your whole set-up. It may look a little less crowded on the stage but it’ll effect the environment even better. Another good idea I’ve seen and used is a disco ball hanging from the middle of the room with lights in the 4 corners to hit it. It covers the whole area and looks amazing; as well it’s not that expensive.

This concludes part two of the general laser information, simply wanted to educate people about choosing the right laser lights & that location and the set-up is just as, if not, more important than the equipment and lasers used. You can use that to your advantage when competing with some companies that may have a lot more money and equipment. In the lighting show department creativity can always win.


General Laser Information – Part Three

Information is added every once in a while to laser lights for sale to keep people up to date on the latest tips and advice when it comes to buying laser lights. Lasers are continually being advanced in multiple ways and this is an adantage for everyone interested in adding lasers to their lighting set-up. Lately one of the biggest changes have been the advancement in different colors and how to use these to your advantage. As touched upon in article two in helping people on laser lights for sale, color is one of the most important parts of the whole industry.

Colors can change a whole room in a single moment and if used to it’s full advantage can have a significant impact on the “wow” factor of a show. The more difficult part about lasers when compared to intelligent lighting is you can’t change the laser color with a simple click of a button as the actual laser color is produced right from the diode and it is only able to produce one color. Of course full color RGB animation lasers are a different story, you are able to change the color by changing the output power of each laser color and combine them to create all the colors in the spectrum. Today though we’re talking about the more common laser such as a single green, dual blue or even as complex as a quad red purple green blue laser. The difference of course from these style of lasers from the multicolor animation is that they are only able to output the specific color of the diode and cannot be altered through controlling programs.

Because you can not change the colors of the diode you have to use that fact to your advantage. Laser lights are honestly one of the most prestige style of lights and even though you can’t switch the colors a quad multicolor laser can be one of the most amazing lighting in a show and can blend pretty well with everything. One of the best ways to take advantage of this fact is by having a nice selection of lasers to switch between. Reds, Greens to Blues everything can be used throughout the show to keep things fresh as well as blend with different styles of LED and intelligent lighting. Because they are a solid color lasers can blend extremely nicely with eachother, especially certain combinations like Green + Blue and Red + Purple. Using the best possible combinations of laser colors can be one of the biggest tips when it comes to laser lights for sale, especially when there are a large selection available like on Z Lasers.

The topic of laser lights for sale can be one of the hardest things to figure out. There’s not that much information out there and it’s also pretty hard to find. So far color, power and laser styles have all been discussed and more will continually be discussed in the future. Another piece of advice for this post is videos and pictures are your best friend.